You’d think a 34-year-old pitcher in the middle of his ninth Major League season would know basic baseball by now, but apparently that’s not the case.

Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis took exception to Blue Jays outfielder Colby Rasmus bunting for a hit in the 5th inning of their game Saturday.

colby lewisLewis told, “I told [Rasmus] I didn’t appreciate it. You’re up by two runs with two outs and you lay down a bunt. I don’t think that’s the way the game should be played.”

Tell me, Colby, how should it be played? Rasmus took advantage of a shift being played against him and laid down a two-out bunt hit in the fifth inning.

Oh, I know why he got so upset. Toronto was up double-digits and you thought it was bush league for him to bunt for a hit when up by that mu…

No? They were only up 2-0?

Well then I have no idea why he was so upset. Good thing for me he explained why.

“[Rasmus] didn’t steal within the first two pitches to put himself in scoring position,” Lewis said. “That tells me he is solely looking out for himself, and looking out for batting average. And I didn’t appreciate it.”

I see now. Any player that bunts for a hit with two-outs has to try to steal second immediately in order to prove that he did it for the team and not to just better his own stats. Even when said player has exactly one stolen base (on one attempt) this season and a whopping 24 over his six-year career.colby rasmus

Or how about this? Rasmus took advantage of an opportunity to get a base hit and extend the inning hoping his teammate hitting behind him would find a gap and drive him in to increase their lead.

Lewis getting upset at this is about the equivalent of Dallas Braden barking at A-Rod for crossing over the pitcher mound while returning to first after a foul ball or any pitcher that has (and will) complain about someone bunting late in a game to break up a no-hitter. It seems what pitchers tend to forget is it’s the job of the batters to get on base regardless of the inning or situation. I have no explanation for Braden; dude just lost his mind.

Lewis did offer his explanation to after the game for his bunting in that situation.

“I’m just trying to help my team and he didn’t like that — so sorry about it,” Rasmus said. “I’m not here to try to please the other side, I’m here to help my team, and I had an opportunity where I could and I took advantage of it.”

In the end the hit didn’t matter as Lewis struck out the next batter to end the inning.

The Blue Jays wound up winning the game 4-1.

And here’s Braden going crazy.


What's your take?